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Культура предприятия
Integrity Quality Bran
         Integrity is the cornerstone of building corporate cohesiveness and the backup force of quality creation; quality is a simple truth and serves as the backbone for brand; and brand is, in essence, the added value of quality.

Excellent integrity brings excellent quality, which builds classic brand.”
----------Adhering to the essence of the company culture, all our staff bring the company great improvements with their every single step forward.
As an elite in the oil industry, we long stick to the spirit: “Dream leads the future”, which drives our staff to continuously pursue a sustainable and invaluable brand value.
ADD    :  Jiaolong Industrial Zone, 
            Chengdu, Sichuan,P.R.China
E -MAIL: lmstgs@lgoel.com
TEL    : +86-28-85730698