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Наша слава

"Major Taxpayer"  Award in 2006

"Advanced Enterprises" Award in 2006

"Major Taxpayer"  Award in 2007

"Major Taxpayer"  Award in 2008

"Advanced Enterprises" Award in 2008
"Taxpayer Encouragement" Award in 2011

"Advanced Enterprises on Science&Technology Innovation " Award in 2008
"Advanced Enterprises" on Foreign Trade Export in Shuangliu County in 2008
"Major Taxpayer"  Award in 2009

Vision of the future
    In pursuit of the notion of “Dream leads the future”, we promise you an advanced user experience by providing consumer-oriented technologies and innovations in the near future. To fulfill this end, we are willing to listen to your voices and make continuous explorations so as to bring you real innovations, which will make your work easier.

ADD    :  Jiaolong Industrial Zone, 
            Chengdu, Sichuan,P.R.China
E -MAIL: lmstgs@lgoel.com
TEL    : +86-28-85730698